Thursday, February 02, 2012

Facebook IPO chatter reminds me why Firefox is so important to me...

Hearing all the media blather about the upcoming Facebook IPO has made me think about a couple of things. Mostly, I am so glad I have Firefox available. I learned to develop Facebook applications a few years back, looked at what the applications could see about a user, and removed myself from every single application on Facebook. The amount of information an application user is giving away is amazing.

Luckily, I have Firefox and add-ons like Adblock and Ghostery (for tracking/blocking inter-site data slurping) and other tools of that sort to help me to, perhaps, stay under the radar of some of those people. Somewhat.

On the other hand, Mozilla seems to be reluctant to let the search bar be configured to go to ( Hm. Maybe Mozilla is still, in some ways at least, just another company. O well, it is something to think about.